mUbiSiDa - Database of mammalian protein ubiquitination site
Main Functionalities
Homepage is the entrance of all functionalities of mUbiSiDa. It provides two query interfaces('Quick Search' and 'Advanced retrieval') and a browse interface.

  1. Quick Search can be used to search a protein name, gene names, organism, or ID (Uniprot ID, IPI ID or NCBI ID). And all proteins matching the query string will be returned in the result page. Basic information of the proteins will be shown in the Result page and those keywords matching what inputted in the search bar of previous interface will be colored by bright color. If you have more than one keyword, they can be combined with '+'.

  2. Advanced Retrieval provides three types of interfaces, (1) Advanced Search (2) Protein Name Search and (3) Sequence Blast.
    • Advanced Search accepts as many as six keywords of any of 8 optional types. They can be combined by logical words such as 'AND', 'OR' or 'BUT', which is providd in the optional box. Different types of keywords can be combined freely to limit the searches.
    • Protein Name Search provides four textareas for users to input query strings.Part or all of the textareas can be used for federated search
    • Blast Search accepts any protein sequence of FASTA format, and returns the most similar ubiquitinated sequences. It can be used to help predict ubiquitination sites.
    • Browse Data By Organism groups the ubiquitination data in mUbiSiDa by organism
    • Browse Data By Gene Ontology classification of ubiquitinated proteins in mUbiSiDa by three categories of Gene Ontology: Biological Process, Cellular Component and Molecular Function.

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