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         State Key of Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine, Nanjing Medical University, P. R. China

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Searching in 'REPRODUCTION-2DPAGE' experimental data (all)
for spot names matching (exactly): '355'
on the 'TESTIS_HUMAN' map.

Searched entry

Spot ID AC
PMF Tandem MS Identified peptides Amino acid composition
355 IPI00746165

739.430697360445; 792.382773066495; 794.414373042618; 800.461438228148; 806.438255565382; 883.457255998746; 898.436839035607; 899.469765353369; 932.440786720058; 966.515661488402; 1057.52176079221; 1085.53395285014; 1102.47542880007; 1127.5197595014; 1145.55911643448; 1207.53707082186; 1246.67911639505; 1273.63418603747; 1511.75359762742; 1537.79001549973; 1618.73482757979; 2280.01672365396; 2418.18983725622; TRYPSIN
no data no data no data


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