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         State Key of Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine, Nanjing Medical University, P. R. China

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Searching in 'REPRODUCTION-2DPAGE' experimental data (all)
for spot names matching (exactly): '1644'
on the 'TESTIS_HUMAN' map.

Searched entry

Spot ID AC
PMF Tandem MS Identified peptides Amino acid composition
1644 IPI00025512

831.505146654036; 941.453825178491; 960.445738859066; 961.446953612311; 987.614670526066; 1075.56735815575; 1104.49842723316; 1163.61487697953; 1655.76223446857; 1783.95279838185; 1906.01418675376; TRYPSIN
no data no data no data


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