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         State Key of Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine, Nanjing Medical University, P. R. China

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Experimental information for TESTIS_MOUSE_0W 
Mouse testis (0W) gel  {Reproduction2dpage}
tissue: Testis
(map ID: reproduction2dpage:TESTIS_MOUSE_0W)

Gel experimental information

Information Type Data
Map name TESTIS_MOUSE_0W {Mouse testis (0W) gel}
Dimension 2-D
Strain Comment [species] Mus Musculus (mouse) [Reproduction2dpage]
Tissue (Swiss-Prot definition) Testis
Gel Preparation Non-linear gel, the data are produced by Lab of Reproductive Medicine, Nanjing Medical Univ., China
pI start: 3.00 - end: 10.00
Mw start: undefined - end:
Number of identified spots 321
Number of identified proteins 247
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