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B4DLV2Homo sapiens (Human)Isoform Beta-1 of DNA topoisomerase 2-betaTOP2BK551; K1003; K505; K337; K249; K515; K545; K402; K739; K678; K536; K983; 1621
Q658J6Homo sapiens (Human)Microtubule-associated proteins 1A/1B light chain 3BMAP1LC3BK51; K65; 125
Q6N0B2Homo sapiens (Human)cDNA FLJ52754, highly similar to S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase proenzymeAMD1K96; K301; 334
Q6N0B1Homo sapiens (Human)Isoform 1 of Succinyl-CoA ligase [ADP-forming] subunit beta, mitochondrialSUCLA2K417; K78; 463
Q9BS14Homo sapiens (Human)GANAB protein (Fragment)GANABK277; K268; 313
C9JMC9Homo sapiens (Human)16 kDa proteinIP6K2K67; 100
B4DLV8Homo sapiens (Human)10 kDa protein-K50; K2; K21; K65; K121; 168
C9JMC4Homo sapiens (Human)Putative uncharacterized protein FLNBFLNBK1897; K495; K681; K1955; 2561
Q9BS10Homo sapiens (Human)Ribosomal protein S8RPS8K137; K173; K37; K150; 188
B4DM75Homo sapiens (Human)Polyadenylate-binding protein 5PABPC5K111; 382
B4DLV4Homo sapiens (Human)Serine hydroxymethyltransferase 2 (Mitochondrial), isoform CRA_hSHMT2K373; K184; K378; 408
B4DM74Homo sapiens (Human)cDNA FLJ51501, highly similar to 60S ribosomal protein L18aRPL18AK76; K11; K41; K148; 154
Q9BRP1Homo sapiens (Human)Programmed cell death protein 2-like PDCD2LK6; 358
Q9BS12Homo sapiens (Human)NUP188 protein (Fragment)NUP188K53; K613; K230; K145; K708; K209; K134; 853
B4DM77Homo sapiens (Human)Isoform 2 of CentriolinCEP110K618; 1773
B4DLV7Homo sapiens (Human)cDNA FLJ60299, highly similar to Rab GDP dissociation inhibitor betaGDI2K58; K146; K225; K422; 449
B4DM76Homo sapiens (Human)cDNA FLJ57531, highly similar to DCN1-like protein 1DCUN1D1K64; K63; K151; 219
Q16595-1Homo sapiens (Human)Isoform 1 of Frataxin, mitochondrialFXNK197; 210
C9JMB9Homo sapiens (Human)Putative uncharacterized protein MAGED2MAGED2K189; K312; K270; K451; K379; 588
D3DTP7Homo sapiens (Human)14 kDa proteinPLSCR3K293; 350
A1DZT7Homo sapiens (Human)MHC class I antigen (Fragment)HLA-CK175; K120; 181
D3DTP5Homo sapiens (Human)G protein pathway suppressor 2GPS2K911; 1167
A1DZT8Homo sapiens (Human)Major histocompatibility complex, class I, C-K200; K145; 261
Q8TDB6Homo sapiens (Human)Protein deltex-3-likeDTX3LK728; 740
Q658K0Homo sapiens (Human)Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 11 homologVPS11K84; K909; 941
B4DM84Homo sapiens (Human)Deubiquitinating protein VCIP135VCPIP1K729; K764; K1028; K376; K879; 1222
B4DLW3Homo sapiens (Human)Tryptophan rich basic protein, isoform CRA_bWRBK57; K41; 103
B4DM82Homo sapiens (Human)similar to peptidyl-Pro cis trans isomeraseLOC650157K49; K97; K95; K89; K28; K44; K31; 129
B4DM81Homo sapiens (Human)cAMP-dependent protein kinase type I-beta regulatory subunitPRKAR1BK349; 381
B4DLW1Homo sapiens (Human)transcriptional regulator ATRX isoform 2ATRXK1736; K929; K164; 2454
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