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B4DMB4Homo sapiens (Human)Isoform 3 of Vesicle-associated membrane protein 7VAMP7K84; K131; 179
C9JMQ7Homo sapiens (Human)Isoform 3 of Solute carrier family 12 member 9SLC12A9K386; 627
B4DMB6Homo sapiens (Human)cDNA FLJ56698, highly similar to CASP8 and FADD-like apoptosis regulator-K161; 190
B4DMB5Homo sapiens (Human)CTP synthase 1CTPSK100; K535; K460; K309; K92; K319; 591
Q2LE71Homo sapiens (Human)Putative uncharacterized protein ARPC3 (Fragment)ARPC3K171; K56; K29; K165; K14; 178
B4DMC9Homo sapiens (Human)Gap junction alpha-1 proteinGJA1K9; K303; 382
B4DMC6Homo sapiens (Human)Elongation factor 2EEF2K239; K275; K272; K235; K648; K308; K42; K498; K318; K426; K594; K159; K638; K845; 858
Q5T8N1Homo sapiens (Human)Putative uncharacterized protein NUP133NUP133K35; K787; K1039; K674; 1068
B4DMC5Homo sapiens (Human)gamma-glutamyl carboxylase isoform 2GGCXK34; K277; 701
B4DMC4Homo sapiens (Human)cDNA FLJ55724, highly similar to Nuclear valosin-containing protein-likeNVLK570; 667
B4DMC0Homo sapiens (Human)116 kDa U5 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein componentEFTUD2K790; K409; K352; K581; K602; K405; 972
P08236-2Homo sapiens (Human)Isoform Short of Beta-glucuronidaseGUSBK39; K308; K317; K590; 600
Q9UGQ2-2Homo sapiens (Human)Isoform 2 of Transmembrane protein C9orf7C9orf7K121; 130
P08236-1Homo sapiens (Human)Isoform Long of Beta-glucuronidaseGUSBK359; K39; K368; K641; 651
Q9UGL4Homo sapiens (Human)NICE-4 protein (Fragment)UBAP2LK105; 408
P11171-1Homo sapiens (Human)Isoform 1 of Protein 4.1EPB41K88; 864
B9ZVP7Homo sapiens (Human)Putative uncharacterized protein RPL23RPL23K35; K66; K43; K13; 114
B5TJL4Homo sapiens (Human)Isoform A of Potassium channel subfamily K member 10KCNK10K365; 538
C9JMN9Homo sapiens (Human)Putative uncharacterized protein PDIA4PDIA4K151; 163
B4DMD6Homo sapiens (Human)Ring finger protein 185, isoform CRA_h-K43; 130
B4DMD5Homo sapiens (Human)cDNA FLJ54261, highly similar to Homo sapiens amyloid beta (A4) protein, transcript variant 3, mRNAAPPK616; K604; 623
B4DMD7Homo sapiens (Human)cDNA FLJ58201, highly similar to E3 ubiquitin ligase TRIAD3RNF216K478; K577; K204; K237; K174; K203; K397; K163; K297; K585; 678
B4DMD2Homo sapiens (Human)Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 45CCDC45K320; 821
C9JN01Homo sapiens (Human)Putative uncharacterized protein DNAJB6DNAJB6K29; 45
B4DMD1Homo sapiens (Human)heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein R isoform 3HNRNPRK154; K206; K95; K265; K240; K181; 473
B4DMD3Homo sapiens (Human)cDNA FLJ60194, highly similar to WW domain-binding protein 11WBP11K105; 607
B4DM49Homo sapiens (Human)Isoform 1 of Protein FAM63BFAM63BK309; K234; 621
Q9NZ43-1Homo sapiens (Human)Isoform 1 of Vesicle transport protein USE1USE1K152; 259
Q8TDC7Homo sapiens (Human)Solute carrier family 2, facilitated glucose transporter member 10SLC2A10K208; 541
Q5T8L2Homo sapiens (Human)Isoform 1 of Gamma-tubulin complex component 3TUBGCP3K463; K551; K303; 907
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