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By State Key of Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine, Nanjing Medical University


Proteomics can provide high-throughput information about protein composition, quantification and post translational modification. Because of the well-known discrepancy between the expression of mRNA and corresponding proteins in germ cells, it is important to establish qualitative and qualitative protein expression and modification profiles for gematogenesis.

  The REPRODUCTION-2DPAGE database provides published proteomics data from our laboratory. It initially includes 2D gel maps. With the continuous proteomics work to study reproduction, REPRODUCTION-2DPAGE also includes LC-MS/MS based proteomics data for human and mouse in both male and female reproductive tissues. Detailed information about REPRODUCTION-2DPAGE and our studies can be found in previous reviews by Huang XY and Zhou T [1-2]. The datasets published to date are listed below.

  The cover figure above shows the key cell types, tissues, and biological processes involved in mammalian reproduction in circular structures. The entry for each sub-database is labeled with image-map in corresponding region (hyperlink within image). For example, 'Human' text nearby sperms links to the human sperm proteome database (LC-MS/MS based).
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Published data:
PMID Authors Title Journal Date Links
24442187 He, H., H. Teng, T. Zhou, Y. Guo, G. Wang, et al. Unravelling the proteome of adult rhesus monkey ovaries Molecular BioSystems 2014 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
24339256 Zheng, B., Q. Zhou, Y. Guo, B. Shao, T. Zhou, et al. Establishment of a proteomic profile associated with gonocyte and spermatogonial stem cell maturation and differentiation in neonatal mice Proteomics 2014 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
23436708 Liu, M., Z. Hu, L. Qi, J. Wang, T. Zhou, et al. Scanning of novel cancer/testis proteins by human testis proteomic analysis Proteomics 2013 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
23268119 Wang, G., Y. Guo, T. Zhou, X. Shi, J. Yu, et al. In-depth proteomic analysis of the human sperm reveals complex protein compositions Journal of proteomics 2013 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
24191733 Wang, G., Y. Wu, T. Zhou, Y. Guo, B. Zheng, et al. Mapping of the N-linked glycoproteome of human spermatozoa Journal of proteome research 2013 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
22508577 Cao, S., X. Guo, Z. Zhou, and J. Sha Comparative proteomic analysis of proteins involved in oocyte meiotic maturation in mice Molecular reproduction and development 2012 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
21204256 Guo, X., P. Zhang, Y. Qi, W. Chen, X. Chen, et al. Proteomic analysis of male 4C germ cell proteins involved in mouse meiosis Proteomics 2011 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
20099899 Guo, X., J. Shen, Z. Xia, R. Zhang, P. Zhang, et al. Proteomic analysis of proteins involved in spermiogenesis in mouse Journal of proteome research 2010 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
20133968 Guo, X., C. Zhao, F. Wang, Y. Zhu, Y. Cui, et al. Investigation of Human Testis Protein Heterogeneity Using 2‐Dimensional Electrophoresis Journal of andrology 2010 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
20815088 Zhu, H., Y. Cui, J. Xie, L. Chen, X. Chen, et al. Proteomic analysis of testis biopsies in men treated with transient scrotal hyperthermia reveals the potential targets for contraceptive development Proteomics 2010 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
19646285 Zhang, P., X. Ni, Y. Guo, X. Guo, Y. Wang, et al. Proteomic-based identification of maternal proteins in mature mouse oocytes BMC genomics 2009 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
19253287 Zhao, C., X.J. Guo, Z.H. Shi, F.Q. Wang, X.Y. Huang, et al. Role of translation by mitochondrial‐type ribosomes during sperm capacitation: An analysis based on a proteomic approach Proteomics 2009 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
18702538 Cui, Y., H. Zhu, Y. Zhu, X. Guo, R. Huo, et al. Proteomic analysis of testis biopsies in men treated with injectable testosterone undecanoate alone or in combination with oral levonorgestrel as potential male contraceptive Journal of proteome research 2008 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
21136815 Guo, X., P. Zhang, R. Huo, Z. Zhou, and J. Sha Analysis of the human testis proteome by mass spectrometry and bioinformatics Proteomics-Clinical Applications 2008 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
18582094 Huang, X.-y., X.-j. Guo, J. Shen, Y.-f. Wang, L. Chen, et al. Construction of a proteome profile and functional analysis of the proteins involved in the initiation of mouse spermatogenesis Journal of proteome research 2008 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
18068167 Huo, R., Y. He, C. Zhao, X.-j. Guo, M. Lin, et al. Identification of human spermatogenesis-related proteins by comparative proteomic analysis: a preliminary study Fertility and sterility 2008 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
18803416 Ma, M., X. Guo, F. Wang, C. Zhao, Z. Liu, et al. Protein expression profile of the mouse metaphase-II oocyte Journal of proteome research 2008 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
17074334 Zhao C, Huo R, Wang FQ, Lin M, Zhou ZM, Sha JH. Identification of several proteins involved in regulation of sperm motility by proteomic analysis. Fertility and Sterility 2007 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
16944933 Zhu, Y.-F., Y.-G. Cui, X.-J. Guo, L. Wang, Y. Bi, et al. Proteomic analysis of effect of hyperthermia on spermatogenesis in adult male mice Journal of proteome research 2006 Browse Data  |  Pubmed
16021519 Wang, L., Y.-F. Zhu, X.-J. Guo, R. Huo, X. Ma, et al. A two-dimensional electrophoresis reference map of human ovary Journal of molecular medicine 2005 Browse Data  |  Pubmed

Data reviews:
1. Huang, X.Y. and J.H. Sha, Proteomics of spermatogenesis: from protein lists to understanding the regulation of male fertility and infertility. Asian J Androl, 2011. 13(1): p. 18-23.
2. Zhou, T., Z.M. Zhou, and X.J. Guo, Bioinformatics for spermatogenesis: annotation of male reproduction based on proteomics. Asian J Androl, 2013.

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